Join FlyforHero

FlyForHero is a Flyff Private server, its purpose is to provide people with a fun and enjoyabe gaming experience! With our rates of 300x Experience (When raining), 210x penya and 60x drop rate it makes the game more enjoyable and rewarding. 

Our game server is hosted on a 16 GB Dedicated server and thus making the server up 24/7 and Lag Free. The staff are very professional and know what they are doing, we are all fully dedicated to running a successful server. The server was started and is run by Dex. 

FlyForHero has many unique features, Custome Made NPCS such as "Premium shop" Selling cash shop items, we also havea exclusive PVP System which is based around a new PVP MAP where you kill as many people as you can with a certain amount of lives, the last person standing wins a prize along with the person with the most kills! 

For our supporters who donate we have a whole Donation System set up, which can get you any items you have always wanted! 

We host as many events as we can fit in this includes Invasions (Hosted on Fridays at Saint Morning Arena), "Hide and seek" and creative events making people think outside the box. 

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and Fly For Hero !

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